Make use of multidisciplinary marketing

In today’s world, effective brand marketing and brand imaging are two of the many key components to creating a successful business. These practice will ensure that the business and your management of its practices will always have a positive impact within the company and with your clientele.

Why is marketing so important?

Without the correct and proper exposure your business or product might not be visible to the public. Having a simple but essential marketing plan is vital to your business’s survival.

What does marketing do?

For now, let’s look at a marketing as a whole without breaking it down into specific parts. The whole purpose of marketing is to spread your business or product to as many people as possible. Basically, more people knowing about your business or product will result in an increase in potential and actual sales and overall profit.

In a nutshell, marketing makes people aware of who you are and what you have to offer and in return allows you to increase your customer profile and your income through sales and services rendered.

How can you start to market?

Now while I understand that it is not always possible to create a massive impact and gain thousands of customers as soon as you open your company, you still have to look at creating and implementing an effective marketing plan that you will stick to.

The best way to do this is often by looking at outsourcing and hire companies that have built a reputation and specialize in marketing.

As a new start up you might not be able to afford a third-party consultant, which is absolutely fine. However, it is still a good idea to look for companies and see what makes them so effective.

Let’s take Base Create, for example. They are arguably the best in the marketing business for many reasons. One of the primary reasons is that they are a multidisciplinary marketing company.

What does this mean?

As the word “multidisciplinary” suggests Base Create don’t just stick to one aspect of marketing. They are versatile in a multitude of marketing strategies which include and are not limited to:

  • Research and Insights
  • Digital Media Marketing
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Brand Strategy
  • Experiential Marketing

Now what makes multidisciplinary marketing so effective is that when it is implemented properly, all the different aspects above all begin to tie in together with one another. This serves to strengthen the entire marketing profile in general and boost the profile of your company or product.

For example, traditional marketing will allow your business to get a foothold and after maybe 2 years the door might begin to open for you.

Now if you add multiple aspects of multidisciplinary marketing you won’t have to stick your foot in the door, you will be able to pull out a shotgun and blast your way through.

In conclusion, it is essential for your business to have a successful marketing plan. The most effective way to do this would be to utilize multiple aspects of marketing in general and implement them in your own multidisciplinary plan.


Featured image: David Saunders – Ab Fab Marketing Plymouth. CC License via Flickr.

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