How to Make the Most of Your Office in London

The more time you spend working at your office desk, the more important it becomes to create an efficient work space. Whether you work at home or share an office space with co-workers in the city, chances are that you are sharing a compact space. Trying to work and coexist within a small space can often cause conflict and distraction, and whether we are aware of it or not, our work environment can negatively or positively affect our productivity.

A bright, open space is likely to increase your ability to concentrate, while a cluttered, cramped and dark environment may decrease your focus. Design experts agree that when space is small, you have to think outside the box to find solutions to get the most out of your small work space.

Read on for 5 useful tips that are sure to help you clear your desk and eliminate cramped space headaches.

Use Wall-to-Wall Flooring

Small rugs break a space up visually, and can make close quarters look even tighter. Instead, opt for a wall-to-wall flooring material such as commercial carpeting, engineered wood, or easy to care for laminate. Durable carpet tiles are available in a variety of colours, and when one gets soiled or damaged, it can easily be removed and cleaned, or replaced. Stay away from hard floor tiles – not only are they uncomfortable underfoot, but they can be noisy, and create an echo that makes phone conversation challenging.

Forget the Big Desk

While having a big desk used to be seen as a status symbol, now they are mostly perceived as a pretentious and space-hogging. To maximise your available footage, use small scale furnishings. For most office functions, all you need is a small work station, a drawer for pencils and random office supplies, and a couple of filing cabinets. Nowadays, most business professionals keep everything in their computer anyway, so it makes no sense to waste valuable space with a massive desk.

Get Rid of Clutter

One of the least expensive – and easiest – ways to maximise your available work area is to organise, declutter, and define your spaces. Clutter not only gobbles up valuable physical space, but it slows you down mentally as well, through distraction. Resist the urge to turn your work space into a shrine for personal photos, political magnets, stuffed animals, or band memorabilia. Instead, clear the clutter and define your space to encourage a sense of purpose and focus.

The best way to clear the clutter is to have an office clearance. Rather than just tossing your papers, furnishings and junk in the bin, hire an eco-friendly clearance company like Enviro Waste London. They can help you dispose of your unwanted items through responsible recycling. Once you’ve finished clearing your space, consider displaying a few carefully-selected motivational thought starters, inspirational artefacts, and visual reminders of your present goals.

Think Vertically

When floor space is at a premium, it’s time to take advantage of vertical space. Install shelving above cabinets, and mount sturdy file pockets to doors for extra-accessible filing space. Wall-mounting a book shelf behind your desk will free up your desk or work surface, and hooks are a good way to keep coats and bags out of the way.

Your London office doesn’t have to feel like a shoe box. Get every pennies worth out of your investment and make the most of the space you have with some of the above tips.


Featured image: Marcin Wichary via Flickr under the CC licence.

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