What to look for when buying an e-commerce website

These days, it makes logical sense to buy an existing e-commerce website. Not only does it give you the traffic and clientele that the previous owners of the website had, but it also means that you will have less work creating the site and building the clientele.

As you can imagine, a site which did well before it is sold can end up to be quite a profitable purchase for a new business that specialize in the same niche that the old owners did.

For instance, if the site is about crafts, then you will find that the new business can get a flood of new orders which it never had before.

Another positive aspect of buying an e-commerce site is that it can provide a capability for store owners to sell across platforms, which ends up making more money for the business.

What to look for

As you can see it makes sense to buy an e-commerce site that is already established. However, there are a few things that you must be careful of and check into before you decide to buy an established e-commerce site.

1. Evaluate your potential Customers

Before you even think of buying a site you will need to check the level of engagement that the previous owners had with their customers. You will need to check that the shop has no negative reviews and if it does, you need to determine why the reviews are negative.

You will need to make an assessment of the customer experience both online and offline. The main reason why you will need to do this is because from a business point of view it does not make sense to buy a site that has a negative reputation as you will end up losing money. You want to start selling off the bat and don’t want to immediately be rectifying the mistakes of the previous owner.

2. Check the Suppliers

If you are offering a physical product, it is a good idea to see what suppliers the previous owners were using and what agreements they had with the suppliers.

This step doesn’t really matter if you have your own suppliers lined up. However, it is always a good idea to check what agreements and orders the previous owners had in case you can benefit from them.

3. The Site’s Traffic

This is an important and key point that you must look up. It doesn’t make sense to buy a dead store that has no traffic on a good day.

When you take a look at the site’s traffic before you buy the site it can give you a good idea of what your sales will be like and will allow you to better negotiate the price of the site.


To recap it makes sense to make buy an already established e-commerce website as it can become extremely profitable for you as a business venture.

This is due to the already created clientele and traffic that the site receives.

It is important to check the site’s traffic, customer reviews, and the sites suppliers to get a good idea whether or not to buy the site. And also make sure to do your due diligence on the seller, the more more information you have, the better.

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