Linguistic services that only professionals can do

A whole project can fall down as a result of bad translation. The translation agency Alphatrad UK offers professional, legal and official translation services in more than 100 languages and dialects.

All kinds of translation services from one language to another are part of an exciting task that has to be based on thoroughness and a great knowledge of languages. Only the best specialists are wanted, or at least in the case of Alphatrad UK, a translation agency in London that has carried out a professional translation service for more than 35 years and is a member of the French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain.

From English to German translation, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese or many others. No translation will present a problem for this agency of professionals who are able to get thousands of people to understand each other in the age of globalisation. Nowadays we are more connected than ever to each other and yet it is still not always easy to cross language barriers.

A translator will also act as an intercultural mediator through his work

Knowing languages is a guarantee of work these days, and this has often been the case over the years.  A translator is not only a word technician but an intercultural mediator, the invisible link of a human chain in which two parties can come to understand to each other.

There is no project that deals well with a bad translator, so being surrounded by professionals is always a guarantee of success.

The increasingly globalised market has made language translations such as Chinese or Russian absolutely indispensable in translation agencies, where they play a very important role, not only in language but also by acting as cultural intermediaries.

Financial transactions are another fundamental of translation agencies. This service is optimal for companies, which in many cases must work with them to translate on the go, speeches, lectures and so on.

Linguistic and translation services via a network of more than 80 centres in Europe

Alphatrad UK offer 7 linguistic services that includes: Proofreading and editing, copywriting, desktop publishing, audio transcription,  voice dubbing, interpretation services and subtitles.

Their translation services including technical, legal, medical, financial, fast translation, certification and notary services, business, website and free translation. All are developed by a team of professional translators waiting to attend to your project needs.

Rather than have several companies involved in a single project, you can save time and money by having one of the agency representatives specifically tailor a package to meet your individual requirements.

Language interpretation: What it consists of and how it is implemented

The interpretation service occupies a specific department in the agency. Liaison or accompaniment interpreters may also be requested.

They will accompany the clients in the negotiations. In the conversations, the interlocutors pause after each sentence so the interpreter can translate the content into the two interlocutors spoken languages.

This type of interpretation requires a high level of concentration and great assertiveness in order to not influence the conversation terms and intentions.

Mental capacities are well trained through a range of techniques and methods that each professional fits into its own way. Although they must have enough general knowledge to be able to tackle different complex subjects with intellectual rigor.

Alphatrad UK is the translation agency that selects its collaborators and contrasts their knowledge in order to offer their customers the best service and all over Europe.

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