Growth of online printing in England

The printing industry in England is a growing business. And as nowadays more and more companies are also active online, printing services cannot be left behind. Traditional printing companies are increasingly making way for digital services. Thanks to the wide variety of offered products, fast delivery, flexibility and the comfort of ordering, together with a professional finishing, the online printing industry in England is growing year after year.

Printing companies operate in an industry that, as it seems, is benefiting most from digitization. Just some numbers: England is the world´s fifth largest producer of printed products. Around 8400 companies operate in the printing business and it has a £13.8 billion turnover (source BPIF). Online printers operate in a profitable sector, where good service, quality and economic prices play an important role in being successful. A good example of an online printer is Helloprint. With an extensive range for both individuals and businesses, where everything can be personalized, this online printer offers a specialized service in England. And thanks to the internet, the entire process from design to placing an order can be done comfortably from a self-chosen location.


Benefits of using an online printing service

When looking at the turnover by product sector for the printing industry, this mostly comes from marketing tools like stationary and brochures. Print continues to prove itself to be a powerful marketing tool for businesses. And when one is looking to get material printed, there are several advantages to be using an online print service. First is of course the delivery time where customers can often choose the delivery time themselves. In general, an order is delivered within a few working days. With a standard delivery there are several online printers that do not charge shipping costs. The quality of online services is also high, whereby a client can choose between different materials and colours for various products. Usually these products can also be personalized. However, good quality does not automatically mean higher costs. En general, online services offer competitive prices because they do not have overhead costs, for example, for a retail property in a central location in a shopping street. Although print services that only work online do not have a physical store, this does not mean that they are unavailable for clients. It is precisely because they are not visible in the daily scene to talk to their customers, that client service is particularly important. Most online printing services offer various ways to support consumers, both when creating the design and when placing an order.

Online printing companies offer a service that is available for everyone; for individuals who want to have a photo printed in an original way for decoration at home and for companies looking for a supplier to have their office work, offline marketing tools and promotional gifts printed.

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    That’s not how you spell stationery in this context and presumably “En general” should have been “In general”. This article is weak and not representative of what is actually happening in the print industry. I assume that the author has never placed an order for printed materials.

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