How customer loyalty can drive employee performance

A customer loyalty scheme can be used to build brand loyalty and generate repeat business.

Customer loyalty programmes provider, Corporate Rewards explain how customer loyalty sign-up can also be a great way to motivate staff and provide a platform for continued high performance.

Incentivise sign up

Signing up customers to loyalty schemes allows them to be rewarded for repeat business and allows you to reap the reward of additional sales. Getting customers to sign up can be tricky, they might be unwilling to hand over potentially sensitive data to join up to a loyalty scheme and staff might be reluctant to have one more thing to attempt to sell to customers.

While it can be difficult to change a customer’s mind staff should be consistently offering the loyalty scheme to customers during every transaction. Sometimes this just falls by the wayside, with inconsistent or ineffective selling hampering the success of your loyalty scheme.

One way to combat this is to incentive your staff, offer a reward for top performing staff. This could be something small for the person who reaches a set number of sign-ups in a day, or something more substantial for the team member who has the highest number within a set time period.

Offering an award can attach a tangible goal to sign ups. Motivating staff to offer them to customers more consistently, improving the chances of customers signing up and providing a starting point for consistently improved employee performance as this methodology can be attached to other business KPIs such as upselling and additional sales.

Track performance and provide training

While an incentive is taking place it is crucial that you track results. Not only to help staff to see who is in the lead, and foster some healthy competition amongst your staff, but also to identify those in need of help.

Tracking performance allows you to see who might require additional training. This can help you to improve employee performance as and when necessary, but can also help to improve morale.

You have demonstrated a willingness to help staff improve their abilities, motivating them to work harder for your business.

As with the incentives, tracking and training can become building blocks for continuing high performance from your staff. Allowing you to assess progress, and work with staff to identify issues before they become bigger problems, allowing your business to run more efficiently, not just in terms of loyalty sign-ups but to the benefit of the wider business.

Using a simple, yet key aspect of a business, such as customer loyalty scheme as the foundation for a putting processes in place that monitor, assist and reward staff performance can help to create a better internal culture to your business. One that helps staff to compete in a friendly way, motivating them to work harder while also developing relationships between staff. This could be expanded into having departments compete against each other.

In turn this allows you to help staff encourage and support each other. Creating a working environment that rewards hard work, motivating staff to try their best to achieve results beyond their salary.





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