Could a storage container office be the answer for your business?

Looking for a new work space, somewhere that is convenient and affordable? Or maybe just somewhere you can put your own stamp on? A converted storage container could be the answer.

Space is at a premium in London, and high rents on office space can make it difficult for start-ups and small businesses to find the room they need to grow and thrive.

Several organisations in the capital are already using containers to great effect, from Boxpark Shoreditch to the shipping container diner currently being built by street-food vendor Burger Bear.

The Storage Container Conversion Guide from Mobile Mini is designed to help small businesses realise the full potential of this often overlooked building module, containing information on planning permission, choosing the right container for the job and finding the design that best meets your business needs.

Zoe Brookes, Marketing Manager at Mobile Mini, said: “Converted storage containers are an ideal choice for start-ups thanks to their versatility and affordability.

“Our conversion guide is designed to help you decide if a conversion is right for you by offering advice on choosing the right container and making sure the design suits your needs.”

Mobile Mini’s top tips for a successful storage container conversion:

  1. Plan in detail how the space will be used before the design begins using a professional architect or a computer-aided design package.
  2. Check if planning permission is needed for your specific build and, if so, apply to the local authority as soon as possible.
  3. Consider if access to the chosen build site it suitable for delivering the containers and putting them into position.
  4. Remember cutting windows and doors into a storage container will compromise its structural integrity, so ensure work is carried out by professionals and reinforcements are installed where necessary.

You can read the full storage container conversion guide on the Mobile Mini website.

Storage Container Office

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