How to Check a Cleaning Company before You Hire Them

Whether you’re thinking about hiring a domestic or a commercial cleaning company, you’re always going to need a cleaning company you can trust. Professional cleaners come into our homes and places of business, and are more often than not left alone to do their work. In the home they’ll potentially be around your family and kids, as well as property. This is why you need a firm you know you can trust.

As well as that you need to know you’re getting the best quality service and price. No one likes being ripped off and as such, you need to know your cleaning service is great value. Making sure they’re capable of doing a top quality job is also crucial. In order to help you find the right cleaning company for you, we spoke to Vapor Clean, a UK cleaning company about how to run the checks and really make sure the cleaning form you are hiring, are the right ones.

Reputation is Everything

See what other customers have made of them via online reviews. Checking out a wide range of reviews online is often the best way of getting to know a potential cleaning company. It allows you to see the full spectrum of satisfied (or maybe not!) customers.

It serves as a highly effective screening process, allowing you to rule out unsuitable or unreliable companies without having to put too much effort in. Make sure you read reviews from a variety of different sites, and not just the one, as a single site can be policed and moderated by a company you’re trying to get an unbiased look at!

Always Do a Trial

Never just hire a company, do a trial of one or several shifts. Once you’ve found the most suitable, best value, and most reliable domestic cleaning company, then it’s time to do a trial run. Get in contact with the company and book some cleaning hours, and you can be the judge of whether they’re up to the task of being your regular cleaner. If there is an issue, good communication is key, make sure your concerns are heard and don’t simply move on to another domestic cleaning company, as it could simply be a case of miscommunication.

Compare Quotes

Get multiple quotes from multiple cleaning companies and compare! In order to guarantee the best possible deal for you, make sure you compare the pricing and offers of different cleaning services.

While it’s unlikely that there’s going to be more than three or four suitable, reputable and reasonably-priced domestic cleaning companies in your area, knowing exactly which one offers the best value and offers is still really useful information, as there could be quite a lot of variance. See what guarantees the various companies offer, and if certain companies seem to go the extra mile.

Ask Around

If you’re after a local domestic cleaner, asking around your social circles can be hugely helpful. So, on top of looking at reviews, be sure to ask around in your social circles and your local area to see if anyone you know has had dealings with this particular company, and how they weighed up against the online reviews. It’s all about discovering the quality of the company’s reputation, and how consistent their services are. For instance, you might come across a national company that performs much better elsewhere than in your local area, that’s the kind of circumstance asking around locally comes in really handy.

Utilise USPs

Some cleaning companies are more specialised than others. It’s worth enquiring as to what specialties and servicing the company in question can offer you. Frequently, domestic cleaning companies won’t be qualified or capable of dealing with certain things, like cleaning blinds or monitor screens, for instance. Find out if one of the companies in question can offer more than the others. Again, this lets you get a better idea of the value of this particular companies services.


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