Business on a budget? Easy fixes for your broken office furniture

Don’t throw away that office chair with the sticky wheel or the desk with the broken drawers, these things are so easy to fix and can save you money in the long run! Here are some of the most common dilemmas when it comes to office furniture and how to sort these out yourself.


Broken wheels

It’s a simple job, replacing the wheels on an office chair that simply won’t move round the room. Most can be simply unscrewed from the legs of the chair and another screwed on in his place – but where do you pick these up from? We recommend searching for castors online from Tente, a specialist in castor wheels, who offers various styles to complement the design of your chair.


Sinking chair

Got a chair that magically sinks lower to the ground if you move ever so slightly? There’s an easy fix for that! With a piece of PVC pipe and two hose clips – these can be picked up from most DIY stores – which are then secured on the underneath pole of the chair to prevent the seat from dropping. Here’s a video that shows you how to do this.


Scratched up desk

If you use your office for crafting, then your desk or side unit is more than likely scratched and damaged from craft knives, scissors and other tools and so needs some TLC to get it back to its original look. If your desk is a wooden one, it should be relatively simple to restore but will require some elbow grease to get the job done.


It might be a case of stripping back the wood and then taking time and care to sand the table and reapply varnish or wax to get it back to a good useable state – follow this tutorial if you want to tackle the job yourself.


Sagging drawers

Pushing too much into a drawer can lead to sagging and if it goes on for too long the drawer can eventually break. However, if this has already happened there is a way to fix it! A simple strip of wood, cut to the width of your drawers and held in place by a corner bracket on the inside of drawers, is a simple way of securing the bottom in place and preventing sagging.


Here’s a tutorial if you are unsure how to go about completing this DIY project, but it really shouldn’t take you more than hour or so to complete!


Fixing your office furniture isn’t difficult; in fact, for the hour or so you might spend carrying out the job you could save yourself a lot of money! If you’re struggling with one of these common problems give the DIY fix a go today and make where you work a less stressful place to spend your time.

Featured image: Broken Chair by Lee Haywood: 

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