Are you getting your 7-a-day? A daily regime for business fitness

By Catherine Filmer

We understand that when it comes to business, it’s always survival of the fittest. Implementing the right business software and your own business fitness regime will give you a competitive edge in 7 different ways.

7-a-day regime for business fitness

Know what’s coming up – keep an eye on your order pipeline.
Use software that allows you to manage diaries, workflows, dashboard reporting, and anticipate payment patterns.

Access for everyone
Having a ‘self-serve’ environment easily managed by the whole team will allow you to focus on your business needs.

Make cash flow a cinch with the right invoicing tools
Through integration with your Practice Management Solution (PMS), significant time savings can be made. Fees, credit notes, adjustments, bad debts, receipts and staff expenses flow from your PMS solution into our finance solution.

Stay on top of the situation with real-time project information
Electronic workflows allow applications for payment to be raised to the customer against the project instantly. Once certified, the relevant invoice values are posted to the sales ledger revealing the revenue against the project.

Get the complete financial picture by viewing profitability by project and/or resource

We understand the importance of knowing true project profitability. Using the right software will allow you to capture real-time data on all your projects, letting you oversee projects with total confidence and catch them well before they overrun.

Allocate time and cost to specific projects and control your committed spend

With accurate information at your fingertips you can deploy the right resources to the right project. Your productivity will improve as you spend less time on planning and switching between calendars and spread sheets.

Keep looking ahead with our resource planning and forecasting tools
Access solutions allow decision-makers to analyse company data, collaborate with colleagues, identify issues, spot opportunities, and decide ways forward in real time. This level of insight allows informed decisions to be made and future business scenarios to be anticipated.

Get fitter than the competition
Just 7-a-day could make a big difference! Our ‘personal trainers’ will assess your current business fitness level, and give you a bespoke plan to help you maximise your results. You’ll be powering ahead of the competition from day one.

Get fit for business now and get valuable inspiration for your own business fitness plan.

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