3 Facebook Advertising Mistakes You Should Not Make

Most marketers out there understand how valuable Facebook advertising can be for a business. It can increase sales and can deliver a really good return on the investment made.

The problem is that Facebook advertising is not at all easy. You can easily end up spending hundreds of dollars and not making much in return. Most people that start using such ads in marketing will make huge mistakes and will not manage to reap the benefits that professionals are used to. While there are many mistakes that can be highlighted, the following ones are those that are the most common at the moment in Facebook advertising. Make sure that you do recreate these make these mistakes and you will get good results in your campaign.

Set It And Forget It

There are so many individuals that buy ads on Facebook and simply do not analyze everything that happens with the ads. You cannot set these ads on an automatic schedule and then simply ignore them. It may be that some ads work great this week but they are not going to be as effective in the future. It is really important that you keep your eyes on all you invest in. This does include the Facebook ads you may be running. Always be sure that you analyze the ads as often as possible. This is necessary to know when the ads should be stopped and when you might invest more to get better results.

Not Paying Attention To The Landing Pages

Facebook advertising is basically just advertising in the sense that people are going to end up on a landing page. You use it for lead generation and not for the actual sale. A big problem with many beginner advertisers is that they simply do not properly customize their landing page or they simply do not test everything properly. It is really important that you keep testing the landing page so you see what works and what does not work. In many situations you will notice that just one small change can lead to really great results. There is always a clear connection between Facebook ads and landing pages.

Lack Of Split Testing

The beginner marketer will basically just buy one Facebook ad and will then expect really great results. This is definitely a really bad idea. What you have to do is split test so you can see what works best. This basically means that you take the advertising budget and you divide it into different parts, generally grouped into A/B. Each part would be used to buy traffic for views for something on your website. Based on the results you can see where you should put more money and what ads should be stopped since they are not effective


The 3 Facebook advertising mistakes mentioned above are quite common. In fact, there is a pretty good possibility that you are committing them right now. The good news is that you can always make a change. Start with only a portion of your advertising budget, see what works and what does not work. This is the real secret to great results with Facebook advertising.

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