2:30pm the Busiest Time of the Year for Job-Hunters

2:30pm today (Friday 23rd) is the busiest time of year for job-hunters, research suggests.
Restless workers will be polishing their CVs later today after the third Friday in January was found to be the peak period for workers to complete job applications, search for new posts and tweak resumes.
The combination of post-Christmas debt, January blues and New Year resolutions combine today to create a ‘perfect storm’ of conditions where half of Brits in full time employment will scramble to land a better job. The three biggest motivating factors stimulating the rush were New Year blues, post-Christmas debts and New Year resolutions.  More money was the most common trigger, followed by a better work/life balance and a better work location.
But the survey of 2,000 working adults for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 revealed that a third of hopefuls have lied in a bid to land their dream job. The poll also suggested that being “creative” with the facts on a CV is now considered acceptable by over half, with a third admitting to have lied on a job application to impress recruiters.

 Most common CV lies

1. Exaggerated education grades
2. Enhancing day-to-day responsibilities
3. Job title
4. Personal achievements and rewards
5. Having a sporty hobby to appear outgoing and “rounded” – like sky-diving or off-road racing
6. Companies worked for
7. References (using friends who were colleagues and not your manager)
8. Speaking a second language
9. Covering up being fired from a previous position
10. Using jargon to impress – using industry terms without knowing what they mean
Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s brand ambassador, whose CV (truthfully) boasts the title ‘business guru on TV’s The Apprentice’, said:  “The combination of New Year resolutions and a depleted post-Xmas bank balance clearly has a massive effect on many Brits who will be looking for a better deal in 2015.  
“I am not surprised that so many people admit to lying on the CVs – we see the same thing on The Apprentice year in, year out but it is worth noting that we nearly always find the lies. 
“My advice would be to be honest and weigh up your options before you make any drastic life changing decisions”.


The research is the latest study on work life balance in the UK from the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone which has been specifically designed to aid work and play.  
Further findings revealed that over half the population use their smartphone or tablet device to organise their work and personal life and over a third receive work emails on our personal phones.  A quarter use our phones to update CVs and keep track of new opportunities.
Ines van Gennip, Marketing Director of the IT & Mobile from Samsung, said:  “The start of a New Year leads many people to think about changing their career path and staring fresh in a new role. Our new research pinpoints January 23rd as the busiest job hunting day of 2015, with people brushing up their CVs and searching online for new careers. 
“Keeping up to date with new opportunities whilst on the move is vital in a fast-paced job market and our Galaxy Note 4 is a device designed to help people organise both their work and personal life.”

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