Business owner fights back tears as she discusses impact of Brexit uncertainty

A business owner had to fight back the tears after discussing the impact Brexit uncertainty will have on operations and the livelihood of her staff. 

Speaking to BBC News Sue Wynn-Jones, a horticulturist who runs Crug Farm Plants in North Wales, said two-thirds of their business is in Europe and that a turbulent departure from the union could close the company. 

As she begins to tell the reporter what impact the uncertainty is having on her business she had to pause and briefly move away from the camera as she fights back tears.

Once she regains her composure she says:

“I’m hoping we can ride the storm but it could close us. I don’t know.

“Hopefully, we’ll pick up extra business in this country. We do have a big following in this country as well.

“But it’s the unknown and it’s the unknown for my staff too. They are just such worrying times”.

The clip has since been widely shared on Twitter and has been viewed over a quarter of a million times already. 

Her heartfelt warnings come just days after a video of an 87 year-old grandmother who has been forced to register to stay in Scotland after 59 years went viral on social media.

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