Brits are reacting to Donald Trump’s tweet that he’s cancelled his trip to London… Sad!

Donald Trump today tweeted that he has cancelled a trip to the UK because he is unhappy with the “sale” of the US embassy in Mayfair.

The President was expected to cut the ribbon at the new state-of-the-art development in Nine Elms, but blamed the Obama Administration for overseeing the sale of the embassy for peanuts only to build a new one in an “off location”.

However, commentators have since pointed out that the excuse Donald Trump gave is rather insincere… 

In a show of respect he should have come to expect by now, British people responded to the sad news of the President’s cancelled trip to London by explaining why they would be cancelling their trips to London too, in solidarity:


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  1. virginia

    I am a USA citizen. Donald Trump is a financial expert. Making fun of him due a business deal he sees as bad is childish.. The people on the comment section making uncomplimentary remarks about Trump need to grow up.Making fun of someone’s hair is not adult. My sincere thanks to Boris Johnson who seems to have more sense and class than mayor Khan or most of the hateful people posting on the comment section. As for Mr Khan he is mad at Trump banning travel from some muslim countries where trouble seems to stem from. The USA has suffered badly over the years with terrorist attacks for the USA’s openess and goodness to others, Mr Khan sounds like a heartless person who could care less that with travel bans Trump is trying to protect his country. . Would not blame any country for doing the same.

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