Britain will be held captive to get its freedom as May moves to deliver Brexit by stealth

Theresa May will apply the so-called “TARP model” in order to deliver Brexit, effectively holding the country captive in order for it to get its so-called freedom.

The Prime Minister will risk wreaking financial and economic havoc to get the approval she needs in parliament over the coming weeks.

Amber Rudd gave the game away this morning on the Today Program revealing how Tory top brass expect to get the government’s divisive Brexit plan through parliament.

The majority of MPs are expected to reject the deal when given their “meaningful vote” on it, but would then stare into the “abyss”, she said.

Confronted with the prospect of a disastrous no-deal or a risky election, they would vote it through as the best of a bad bunch.

As Robert Peston described on his Facebook page today, “this is what ministers refer to as the “TARP model” – as recently coined by the former government aide, Rupert Harrison.

“For the uninitiated, TARP was the US scheme to bail out bust banks after the Crash in 2008. It was initially rejected by Congress, which caused the stock market to collapse. And at that point senators and members of the House of Representative panicked and voted through a modified version of the scheme.

“So what May, her ministers and her chief whip are banking on (to coin a phrase) is that as and when MPs reject her Brexit plan, the stock market and sterling (in particular) would tank – which would so scare Tory rebel MPs (the Cabinet hopes) that they would at that juncture be persuaded to recant and back May’s deal”.


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