Britain Goes Offshore As Osborne Slashes Corporation Tax

Britain started the process of detaching itself from continental Europe following news that George Osborne plans to slash corporation tax to 15 per cent.

The chancellor unveiled a five-point plan to protect the UK economy in the wake of the referendum vote, announcing that we are to remain competitive as an island by becoming more offshore in nature.

Osborne says he also wants to secure new investment from China, boost banking lending, attract investment into the North of England and maintain ‘fiscal credibility’.

The fierce Remainer said it was time to “accept” the Referendum vote – and “stop moping around or trying to unpick it”.

Speaking to the Financial Times, he added: “What’s done is done.

“The British public has spoken.

“I don’t think we should feel sorry for ourselves as a country.

“We’ve got to pick ourselves up and make the best of it and the most of it.”


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