Brexiter Dyson decides to build new electric car in Singapore

Prominent Brexiter Sir James Dyson has chosen to build the firm’s first electric car in Singapore in a blow to UK manufacturing.

The UK-based company has committed £2 billion to the project that will take roots in one of the most expensive territories in the world where space for manufacturing is at a premium.

Dyson said the decision was based on the availability of engineering talent, regional supply chains and proximity to some key target markets, and had “nothing to do with Brexit”.

It comes as several other major manufacturers – including BMW, Airbus and Jaguar Land Rover – re-evaluate their position in the UK, with many sounding warnings that they might quit the country if an agreeable deal cannot be struck.

James Dyson responded by saying a no-deal Brexit “will not change anything”, suggesting Britain should walk away from negotiations.

He said: “We’ve offered lots. They’ve offered nothing.

“If you want to sell your cars and washing machines and your wine and champagne to us, we’ll talk. But when you behave like this, we will not talk to you.”


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