Brexiteer hails ‘unprecedented’ crowd at Peterborough rally – gets reminded of this

A prominent Brexiteer has been ridiculed after hailing unprecedented crowds at a recent Peterborough rally – only to be reminded of the numerous times political events have attracted significantly more people.

Guido Fawkes reporter Tom Harwood took to Twitter to boast about the crowd at the Brexit Party rally this week.

He said: “Peterborough rally for the Brexit Party. When was the last time British politics saw something like this?? Astonishing. They’re doing three rallies a week!”

But he was quickly reminded of the many times crowds have far exceeded that in recent times.

Close to a million people were estimated to have joined the Put It To The People march in London in March which followed a People’s Vote rally which attracted hundreds of thousands of people in October the year before.

Jeremy Corbyn has also been known to attract a good crowd.

He was welcomed on stage at Glastonbury following the 2017 General Election and packed out the banks of the Tyne in the run-up to the vote.

The SNP has also pulled in a fair number of people at their rallies over the years, as MP Gavin Newlands was quick to point out after Harwood’s tweet:

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