The Brexit referendum tracker has just taken a huge swing

There’s been a huge swing in Brexit sentiment over the past few months, a referendum tracker has revealed.

The number of people who think we were wrong for voting for Brexit has jumped significantly while the number of people thinking the opposite has plummeted.

Just 42 per cent now think we were right to leave the European Union, with 47 per cent saying we were wrong.

That marks a 5 point split – the biggest gulf there has ever been.

In a live interview on LBC radio earlier this week Prime Minister Theresa May refused three times to say if she would vote for a Brexit if there was another EU Referendum.

The Prime Minister was originally a supporter of the Remain Campaign, but kept her cards close her chest during the referendum campaign.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said he would vote to remain in the EU in the event of another referendum, criticising the government for its “shocking” lack of progress in the Brexit talks.


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