Brexit Party forced to fire campaign chief after BNP revelations

As voters head to the polls in the Peterborough by-election, Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party may well gain its first seat in Westminster today.

But the new party campaigning hard for its first MP candidate Mike Greene has lost yet another senior figure to a fresh race hate scandal.

A campaign coordinator has been exposed as a former activist for the far-right, fascist British National Party.

Kevin Moore, appointed as campaign coordinator for the Brexit Party in Merseyside in May 2019, has been exposed as former European elections candidate for the white supremacist fascist BNP party.

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Moore described himself as a ‘British National Party Activist’ on an online blog, where he said the aim of the BNP was to “secure a future for the indigenous people of these islands.”

The British National Party – recently banned from Facebook for race hate – was an ethnic nationalist groups at the time led by Nick Griffin, who later resigned dissociating himself from the group which was associated with antisemitism, anti-Catholic sentiments, holocaust scepticism, ethnic racism and islamophobia.

Several posts by the senior Brexit Party figure backed the BNP leader of the time, Nick Griffin, who received a suspended sentence in 1998 for distributing material likely to incite racial hatred and described the Holocaust as “Allied wartime propaganda.”

Former BNP leader Nick Griffin holds a press conference in the Ace of Diamonds pub, Manchester

The campaign chief was sacked following the revelation that he stood as a BNP candidate for Warwickshire County Council during the 2009 European Elections.

He is not the first senior figure the Brexit Party has been forced to disown due to distasteful revelations of racism.

This is not the first time a senior Brexit figures were linked to the far-right BNP.

The Brexit Party was originally formed in January by former UKIP economic spokesperson Catherine Blaiklock. But the party lost its original leader when Blaiklock was forced to resign just two months later after her appalling racist opinions emerged.

Soon after launching The Brexit Party, Blaiklock deleted embarrassing twitter and blog posts that expressed biological racist beliefs bordering on eugenics and islamophobia.

In one of the deleted posts, unearthed by The Guardian, titled “Baby mamas, gangs and testosterone”, she wrote: “I always joke that that black American men go crazy in their teens and 20s because of all their excess testosterone, have lots of babies, sex, violence, drugs, sport and music and then at 35, when their testosterone reduces to near the levels of white men, all settle down and become washing-machine repairmen. I may not be so far from the truth.

“We do not like to talk about biology when related to race, but what is good for winning 100m races might not be great for passing A-level maths exams.”

Blaiklock also had retweeted tweets from far right, racist, islamophobic and former BNP and neo-nazi holocaust sceptic Mark Collett, including his claims that there is a “white genocide” taking place in Britain.

Blaiklock retweeted and quoted Mark Collett inc this tweet

Then, just over a week later, Brexit Party treasurer Michael McGough was removed from his position for offensive social media comments after The Guardian unearthed antisemitic, homophobic, islamophobic and offensive racist remarks about people from “bingo bongo land” and people who had perished in the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Moore has now been sacked by the Brexit Party following the revelation that he stood as a BNP candidate for Warwickshire County Council during the 2009 European Elections.

The latest revelations about Kevin Moore came out in an investigation by the Manchester Evening News.

A Brexit Party Spokesperson told the paper: “The Brexit Party was entirely unaware that Mr Moore had any links to any of the organisations that have been proscribed by the party including the BNP.”

Challenged on Twitter, Moore insisted in a now-protected tweet that he had “run a mile” from the BNP after he discovered “institutionalized racism within the whole of the party.”

Moore also insisted that the Brexit Party was indeed aware of his previous BNP affiliation. “They knew. I never hid it,” he said.



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