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Brexit Minister’s single market access claim is “not policy” says May’s office

Many people were very underwhelmed by David Davis yesterday in the Commons. He made a speech to the house to talk about Brexit, in his capacity as Minister for Brexit.

After most of the summer to come up with a clear Brexit strategy he came out with classics such as “”People will want to know what Brexit will mean, simply, it means leaving the EU.”

He also said “Brexit arrangements for the City will be straightforward but complex.” So that clears all that up then.


Now Davis has stumbled into trouble with his boss over comments he made in the Commons. Davis claimed it is “very improbable” Britain will remain in the single market. Downing street however said that was “his opinion” and not policy.

Davis had said that if the UK were not able to have greater border controls within the European single market, then Britain would leave.


A Downing Street spokesperson told the Telegraph: “Saying something is improbable or probable I don’t think is necessarily policy.

“He said it was improbable; he’s setting out his view that it’s improbable. The Prime Minister wants to have the work underway – she recognises that people have their differing views and that’s why we need to do the work that there is.

“All of this is going to have to be negotiated with our European partners and the Prime Minister’s view is that we should go after the best deal we can.”

So not the best start for the man asked with ensuring we leave the EU with the best deal possible. We hope these are teething problems, but it could well be the start of a long list of mistakes and misinterpretations from the Government, as it muddles its way through the complex web of European treaties and laws.

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