Brexit “like declaring a war on ourselves” as plans drawn up for emergency shipments of food and medicine

Labour MP David Lammy has likened Brexit to declaring war on ourselves after it was revealed plans are been drawn up to charter ships to bring in emergency food and medicines in the event of a “no-deal”.

The Department of Transport has put in place contingency plans to own or lease roll-on roll-off lorry ferries to make sure vital supplies of goods, food and medicines continue to reach these shores if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

Politicians from across the board expressed their disbelief as they heard a possible French decision to reintroduce customs checks could reduce freight coming into the UK via Dover and the Channel Tunnel by around 85 per cent.

The UK would be forced in those circumstances to ship vital imports to ports such as the Port of London, Tilbury and Liverpool in a scheme that has been given the code word GOOL, or Government Owned or Operated Logistics.

Three options are being examined under the plan that include buying ships, leasing them or converting military vessels.

One member of the cabinet said “It’s the kind of stuff governments do in a time of war. It is as serious as that”. With Labour’s Lammy comparing it to declaring war on ourselves.


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  1. P Powell

    The ex banker Farage who was paying his foreign wife on tax payers expenses and hiding money in Switzerland, left UKIP as wants Britain to be run by Tories closely linked to USA, when USA would rather trade with EU as they have more to offer. Germany did opposite to Tories, by creating jobs with good pay and not encourage many to live in debt, like Nigel Lawson did when closely linked us to banking in USA, for economy to crash by early 90s. Tories always make the rest of the world hate England for reasons only the few at the top gain from, arming extremists in what liberal middle east countries are left, such as when David Shayler told how they were funding A Q eda, while not caring about human rights abuses of Saudi Arabia. They will tell English people it’s in their best interests to not have any human rights. We won’t have sophisticated European food that can be traced back to historical origin. We will become like the USA where they put wood shaving into cheese. Look at the labels in the USA section of a supermarket, where EU compliant labels are put over the ones shown in the USA. EU labels have to show genetically modified and other ingredients not stated in the USA

  2. P Powell

    If we leave the EU as an English person I’m jealous that Scotland can then demand another referendum to break from UK to be free of Tories and ex Tories in UKIP who only work for the few at the top, to become a separate nation in the EU, joining other north European nations without Tories who have free university education, with governments who aren’t in a war trying to protect the interests of the few at the top, where Eton and Bullingdon Club members give each other top jobs to live for free on expenses, while telling the poor they’re not working hard enough just to survive. While people in England end up crying on Question Time because all they know about politics is last Tory propaganda headline they read, thinking Tories care about British people, while not remembering they have harmed more British people and society than anything else.

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