Brexit charity launches self-help guide for EU citizens

Brexit charity Here for Good has criticised the government for failing to provide certainty on the rights of EU citizens following the launch of their second comprehensive self-help guide.

Co-authored pro-bono by two leading immigration and public law firms – Wesley Gryk LLP and Bindmans LLP – the guide answers many of the questions asked by EU citizens over their future status in the UK.

It criticised the government for not giving any clarity over rights in over two years of negotiations, with former Brexit Secretary David Davis noted as saying “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed” to the dismay of those most affected by the referendum result. 

The charity is also launching a crowdfunding campaign tomorrow with the money raised going to fund caseworkers in priority regions across the country who can provide free in-person immigration advice to the most vulnerable EU citizens.

Here for Good’s co-founders, Tahmid Chowdhury and Isabella Mosselmans, said: “Whether you voted leave or remain, it’s clear that EU citizens deserve better than they’re getting.

“These are people who have made and continue to make invaluable contributions to our country. It goes way beyond the taxes they pay and the money they spend; our communities are far richer thanks to them.

“They deserve certainty and security from the country they call home. This guide begins to do that for them, and as a charity we will continue to strive to make sure that they can stay here for good.”

ACT NOW can be accessed for free here:

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