Breaking: UK Government prepared to slash students’ university fees by a third

In response to Labour’s vows to scrap university tuition fees, the Tories are preparing to cut fees by up to a third.

Students have voiced their opinion in the recent General Election, with the majority of 18-24 year olds opting to vote Labour who pledged to eliminate tuition fees.

Now it appears that Theresa May has responded to Jeremy Corbyn making an issue of students’ fees which have rocketed to £9,250 under the Conservatives, following the weak and wobbly result in the June election that left her relying on the DUP for a parliamentary majority.

According to a report in the i newspaper, the Treasury has given their blessing for university fees to be cut as low as £6,000 a year. It remains to be seen how far the Prime Minister will allow them to come down by.

The cost of a reduction in tuition fees will be offset by the ever increasing student debts that have to be written off every year.

According to Theresa May’s former chief of staff Nick Timothy, Justine Greening, sacked as Education Secretary last month, was blocking any reduction of student fees as she preferred bringing back student grants. Grants to students from poorer backgrounds in the past allowed students from all backgrounds to access higher education.

Recent studies have found people increasingly put off university by the fees which had rocketed to £9,250 per year.


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