Breaking: UK & EU agree Brexit terms with whole UK to stay in customs backstop

Government sources says a Brexit deal has been agreed on a “technical level” and will be presented by Theresa May at a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

Tonight cabinet members are being invited one by one into Number 10 to be shown the terms of the agreement.

RTE and other sources are reporting that the UK government has agreed a customs backstop for the whole of the UK to avoid a hard border across Ireland which would have been unacceptable to both the Republic and Northern Ireland.

The deal is to mean in effect the whole of Britain stays in a customs union with the EU, which the DUP also hinted they would not support. 

Theresa May will now start the process of selling such a deal to the Hard Brexiters and remain-supporting members of her party.

Last week Transport Minister Jo Johnson resigned saying that such a deal would be a massive “diplomatic failure” for Britain, leaving the UK bound by EU rules it had no say over.

His brother Boris Johnson warned this would make Britain an “EU colony.”

The Sun has reported that every minister was being asked to see the PM for one-to-one talks this evening.

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The future of the Irish border has been the most major hurdle for Brexit negotiators and today Theresa May has made the breakthrough she needed.

Whether she will be able to convince parliament or the country that her deal is in the country’s interests is another matter.

Earlier, ministers promised they would publish the “full legal statement” before MPs vote on any final agreement, as it became unlikely the government would be able to get away a House of Commons vote without revealing the full legal advice. 

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