Breaking: MPs vote against Jeremy Corbyn’s amendment to avoid no deal Brexit

UPDATE: MP’s have voted for an amendment jointly tabled by a Conservative and a Labour MP to prevent a no deal Brexit and for Theresa May’s deal if there is no backstop: LATEST AND REACTIONS

Donald Tusk reacted warning that the backstop was an integral part of the withdrawal agreement and that “the withdrawal agreement is not open for renegotiation.

MPs tonight voted against the Labour Party’s official amendment to the EU withdrawal by 296 to 327.

Jeremy Corbyn’s motion instructed the government to rule out a “disastrous No Deal” scenario – an eventuality only supported by some extreme Brexiteers as medical supplies, food, other goods could go scarce with inevitable chaos at ports and the disruptions of trade barriers that would be costly for jobs too.

Corbyn’s amendment would have allowed Parliament to consider- and vote on – options including the UK being part of a permanent customs union with Brussels and a version of the EU’s single market.

It would have also called for legislating to hold a public vote on either a deal or a proposition that has MPs’ support.

It always struggled to win backbench Tory support and the vote is a blow to the People’s Vote campaign.

The Labour Leader’s amendment was the only motion put forward from anyone in parliament that came close to proposing parliament examine the possibility of staying within a Customs Union with the EU and the peopel of Britain having a final say.


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