Boris Johnson’s response to Trump’s Muslim ban “inadequate and insulting”

Boris Johnson’s response to Trump’s Muslim ban ‘inadequate and insulting’, says Britain’s General Union.

The foreign secretary has addressed the Commons following Donald Trump’s controversial immigration crackdown, which prohibits refugees and citizens from countries including Syria, Iran and Iraq from visiting the US.

He told the house British citizens were still welcome in the US –  however he then emphasised the ‘vital importance of this county’s alliance with the US’. More than 1.3million people have already signed a petition calling for Trump’s UK state visit to be cancelled following the ban.

Kamaljeet Jandu, GMB Equality Officer, said: “Boris Johnson’s waffling response to Trump’s appalling immigration policy is inadequate and insulting.

“Instead of taking the opportunity to challenge this abhorrent ban – he decided to cosy up to the new administration.

“The US ban on travellers of the Muslim faith is a serious issue for Britain and has far more implications then whether Brits can travel to the US.

“It is likely to lead to more racial violence and abuse of Muslims and people of colour in Britain – just as we have seen an increase in hate crimes in the wake of the Brexit vote.

“The responsibility will lie squarely with number 10.

“It’s no surprise more than one million people have signed a petition calling for his state visit to the UK to be cancelled.”

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