Boris Johnson’s ‘Out’ Vote Aids ‘In’ Vote

Boris Johnson’s decision to support the ‘Out’ party in the referendum on Europe has resulted in a public swing of two per cent towards staying ‘In’ the EU, new research has revealed.

Data from betting exchange Matchbook has revealed that Britain is in favour of remaining in the EU, with punters believing the ‘IN’ campaign has a near 72 per cent likelihood of winning.

David Cameron’s ‘better deal ‘ shifted the UK public’s desire to stay IN the EU by nearly ten per cent in the week following the conclusion of negotiations according to analysis of the data.  But the surprise of the campaign so far is the two per cent gain in support for the IN campaign in the hours following Boris Johnson’s support for the OUT campaign, from 66 per cent to 68 per cent according to analysis of thousands of UK bettors.

There has been no let-up in the swing, with the IN vote continuing to gain traction amongst UK residents with the probability of success at 71.5 per cent as of this morning, Thursday 25th Feb.

“Opinions have solidified considerably over what has been a busy week” says Matchbook Head of Communications, Ian Noctor. “Bettors on Matchbook believe that Boris has done more harm than good by pledging his allegiance to the ‘out’ party. Conversely, it seems confidence in Cameron, off the back of the improved deal, has risen sharply”.

To-date, the largest single trade matched through Matchbook was made on Monday when a  £13,000 trade was matched in favour of Britain remaining in the EU. The current average bet on the market lies considerably lower at £120.

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  1. Mike

    Jack as it is an exchange site, it is not possible to say a trade “was matched in favour of Britain remaining”. For every back bet placed on the exchange someone (i.e. the layer) is taking the equal and opposite view.

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