Boris Johnson tweets that he just voted Conservatives – before realising no elections were held in London

Former London mayor Boris Johnson allegedly had to delete a tweet claiming he “just voted Conservatives in the local elections” after realising no elections were being held in the capital yesterday.

James Felton posted out the deleted message which had appeared on Politwoops– a website which stores all deleted tweets from politicians.

The message, which apparently stayed up for just 30 seconds before being deleted, said: “I just voted Conservative in the local elections. Make sure you do too! You’ve got two hours left to get out and vote!”

According to the site Boris erased it just two hours before voting ended at 10pm on Thursday.

The Conservatives suffered heavy defeats in the local elections yesterday.

One Conservative MP broke down in tears following heavy losses in Essex.

MP MP Vicky Ford said: “I think it is really disappointing when you look at some of the individuals who have lost their seats tonight.

“People who have worked their socks off for Chelmsford.

“Some of those councillors who have really worked so hard and helped to make Chelmsford so fantastic.

“They have lost their seats as a result of what is happening nationally reflecting back in people not wanting to turn out and vote locally.”


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