Boris Johnson told to apologise for not declaring over £50k income on time

Boris Johnson has found himself in hot water again. Only a few weeks after his water cannons were sold off at a huge loss.

Now he has been told to apologise, in Parliament, after he repeatedly failed to register payments from his newspaper column and books.The totals involved with the nine late-registered payments was £52,722.80

In a report, the parliamentary commissioner for standards, Kathryn Stone, said that Boris admitted he had failed to register payments in time on nine occasions in the previous 12 months.

Her report recommends that Johnson makes an apology to the Commons on a point of order.

In her report, Stone noted that most of the late items of payment were for sums which “might reasonably be regarded as unpredictable”, such as royalties from the books he has written.

She said: “However, these payments cannot have been entirely unexpected and, given that the house has made explicit that it expects members to fulfil their responsibilities conscientiously, it would have been prudent for Mr Johnson to have had an administrative system in place to ensure his compliance with those rules. It appears that he did not arrange that until after I had begun my inquiry.”




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