Boris Johnson to give £75-a-head Brexit talk 3 days before UK leaves EU

Boris Johnson has been booked to give a £75-a-head Brexit talk just three days before the UK officially leaves the European Union.

The former Mayor and Foreign Secretary will discuss issues such as the Irish backstop, customs union, transition period and Article 50 at the event in Westminster’s Central Hall.

Billed as a “conversation” with former Editor and columnist Charles Moore, he will deliver his thoughts on Brexit in a “unique event” presented by The Telegraph’s Editor, Chris Evans.

Early reaction on social media suggests there is lukewarm appetite to attend the discussion.

One said: “Wait, would he be paying me? In which case, it will cost a lot more than £75.”

While Matthew Mitchell tweeted: “I’d pay the £75 if it got me a clear shot and 75 rotten tomatoes, or eggs, I’m easy either way.”


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