Boris Johnson said support for trade deal in US but only if UK makes clean break from EU

Boris Johnson said there is a lot of support for a good trade deal in Washington but only if the UK makes a clean break from the EU.

Speaking after his US trip, which he said was “very good” he agreed with US ambassador Woody Johnson that the UK should have confidence in itself and make a clean break from the EU.

The former foreign secretary speaking at Heathrow Airport yesterday morning said: “That’s very much the right approach.

“There’s a lot of support in Washington for that approach and a lot of people who really believe in our country.

“There are a lot of people in Washington who back us all way and think we should come out properly and not remain.”

Describing his personal view on a hard Brexit he said: “I’m for doing the job, coming out of the single market so we can do good trade deals.

“It definitely looks good for a good trade deal with the US, only if we leave properly.”

He declined to comment on a leadership bid, but smiled and shook is head.

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