Boris Johnson favourite to be next Tory leader

Theresa May is expected to survive a vote of confidence this evening.

The challenge to Mrs May’s position comes after the required 48 letters calling for a contest were delivered and she’s 3/1 to lose the vote she is 1/5 to get through the vote.

She requires 158 Tory MPs to stick with her. She could come up short with 101 to 150 votes – the favourite at 6/5, with 50 to 100 next in the betting at 15/8, while the magic 151 to 200 is 3/1.

If May does receive a vote of no confidence, former Home Secretary Boris Johnson is 7/2 favourite to replace her.

The 54-year-old heads the betting to replace the under threat PM, with the man who replaced him Sajid Javid at 5/1, and the Brexit minister Dominic Raab also looking a viable option at 11/2.

Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt and Environmental Secretary Michael Gove, both in favour of exiting the European Union, are also in contention at 8/1.

Betway’s Alan Alger said: “The vote of confidence is the latest chink in Theresa May’s armour and if her conservative peers vote against her, it will be virtually the final nail in the coffin.”

48 letters in: Theresa May to face vote of no confidence this evening

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