Boris Johnson Earned Almost Ten Times As Much As Corbyn in 2014-15

The tax returns of Britain’s leading politicians, made public following the Panama Papers leak, has revealed the Conservative MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip Boris Johnson earned almost ten times as much as Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Personal taxation forms of David Cameron, George Osborne, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn have all been released to the public following a week-long dispute over the Panama leak which revealed the Prime Minister owned offshore shares in a Bahamas-based investment fund set up by his father.

Iceland’s Prime Minister has resigned after he was implicated in the ordeal and several other notable heads of state have faced a public backlash over their personal tax affairs.

One revelation to come to light in the past few hours is that Mayor of London Boris Johnson earned a whopping £612,583 in 2014/15. The Tory MP raked in £143,911 for his Mayoral salary, which is almost 4k more than the prime ministerial salary of over £140,000! 

Boris also had a raft of self-employment income, namely from his Daily Telegraph column which earned him over quarter of a million pounds. Royalties for his books raked in £224,617, likely to be from sales of The Churchill Factor, his biography on former Conservative Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn made a measly £70,795 in comparison, which is 8.7 times less than Boris.

Indeed, Johnson raked in the most of all politicians by far, with PM David Cameron (£200,307) and Chancellor George Osborne (£198,738) bringing in a lot less. 


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