Bookmaker takes £140k bet on Brexit Party winning most seats in European Elections

An online bookmaker has slashed the odds on the Brexit Party winning the most seats in the European Elections after taking a £140k punt on the newly-formed party.

Star Sports revealed today that it has slashed the price on Nigel Farage’s party winning the most seats on Thursday from 1-20 to 1-66.

The customer would win £5,200 if successful, which according to the latest polling data looks likely.

A YouGov/Datapraxis poll, commissioned by the pro-remain Best for Britain campaign and Hope Not Hate and taken from more than 9,000 voters, gives the Brexit Party a robust lead in all regions apart from Scotland.

It puts them at 34 per cent overall, with the Lib Dems following with 17 per cent, Labour with 15 per cent, and just 9 per cent voting for the Conservatives.

Spokesman Gary Burton said: “We took £60k at 1-20, £40k at 1-33 and another £40k at 1-40 within the space of 30 minutes from the same VIP customer, and we fully expect to be handing back £145k and change come Thursday.”

The Liberal Democrats are currently priced at 22-1 to win the most seats this week, followed by Labour on 25-1. 

The Conservatives are priced at 150-1, with Change UK and UKIP both on 250-1 and the Greens 300-1. 

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