Beer Price Index 2015: How Much!

By Nathan Lee, TLE Correspondent

The 2015 Beer Price Index of cities from across the World has confirmed what many of us already suspected; London is a costly place to grab a pint.

The average price of a beer in the capital is now £2.92 (how much!) making it the 13th costliest city in the World to drink beer and the most expensive in the UK by a long shot.

As many of us prepare for our summer vacations, the GoEuro index gives a good indication of how expensive cities are when you get there. Coming in as Europe’s most costly destination is Geneva at a startling £4.08, with Hong Kong and Tel Aviv close behind. In stark contrast, cities including Krakow and Kiev prove altogether cheaper. Where a tenner in Krakow will get you just over nine bottles of beer, it will only cover two and a bit in Geneva.

Travellers remaining loyal to England when choosing a weekend away will find their pound will go further in cities such as Liverpool, where the average beer is just under half the cost of what city-dwellers pay in London. Out of 75 cities worldwide, those in the UK ranked as follows:

# 25. Liverpool with an average of: £1.70

# 32. Leeds with an average of: £1.96

# 35. Edinburgh with an average of: £2.04

# 63. London with an average of: £2.92 (13th costliest worldwide)

Take a look at the chart below before booking your holiday this summer. Remember, cheap travel doesn’t always mean a cheap holiday:

Beer Index

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