Bear gets social media “Grylling” for appearing at Tory Party Conference

Adventurer Bear Grylls has faced a social media backlash following his decision to appear at the Conservative Party Conference.

Britain’s Chief Scout appeared at the conference in an appeal to the Conservatives to back the organisation for a “relatively small investment” of £50 million.

Thousands of new volunteers are needed to enable the 55,000 children waiting to join a group – the largest waiting list the Scouts Association has ever had.

But while some people admired the TV star’s cause, many have reacted with anger, citing Etonian nepotism and his family links to the party.

One person on Twitter said Grylls was at the conference to show “an endangered species how to survive the forthcoming winter”.

Another said: “Of course Bear Grylls is speaking at the Conservative Conference. He likes to teach the public how to eat shit”.


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