Back May’s deal or face lengthy delay

MPs could be faced with a choice between backing Theresa May’s deal or facing a lengthy delay, the Prime Minister’s chief EU negotiator was overheard saying last night.

Olly Robbins is reported to have told colleagues that the government’s strategy is to offer MPs a choice in March between a deal and a delay.

His conversation was picked up by ITV News Correspondent Angus Walker and his cameraman in a hotel bar in Brussels.

Walker said: “During the conversation, there were suggestions of that delay being quite lengthy.

“The idea being talked about was that this would focus MPs minds and that they would have this choice right up to the wire.”

Yesterday Jeremy Corbyn accused Theresa May of ‘blackmailing’ MPs in fiery Commons clash.

The Labour leader said her only tactic was to “run down the clock” after it emerged that the UK could be days from a no-deal Brexit before parliament votes on her blueprint.

A government spokesperson responded, saying: “We don’t propose to comment on alleged remarks from a private conversation.

“The government’s focus is on securing the improvements Parliament needs to pass a deal so we leave the EU on 29th March.”

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