Austerity-hit Britain can’t even fund jobs in Jobcentres as closures announced

Britain has become so strangled by government-driven cuts that it can’t even fund jobs in Jobcentres.

According to the Department for Work and Pensions 750 people are to be put out of work as Jobcentres across UK close in a big shake-up.

A total of 68 smaller jobcentres will be merged with larger ones, and 40 others will be moved within local government buildings under efficiency savings. Four will be closed entirely.

That means that The Jobcentre staff who help people look for jobs now need to look for jobs in Jobcentres that have Jobcentre staff who still have jobs.

The DWP said the changes will save more than £140 million a year for the next 10 years and will allow a more efficient service.

Employment minister Damian Hinds said applicants could still get “the support they need to get into and progress within work”.

The Public and Commercial Services union attacked the announcement, saying that the “utterly disgraceful” plans will see more than 70 branches shuttered.

General secretary Mark Serwotka said: “This Tory Government is abandoning unemployed, sick and disabled people, making it harder for them to access the services they need, and putting jobcentre jobs at risk.”

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  1. Jon Jaguar

    Jobcentres have ceased to be places that help people find work. A long time ago.
    There used to be telephones for jobseekers to contact employers. All scrapped.
    Experienced staff have left the service, disgusted that they have been turned into sanctions police.
    The government jobs website is useless and corrupted.
    Nowadays, there’s one (not two) PC terminal for job search which has to be booked in advance for half-hour slots. So, if you don’t have net access at home, you’re banjaxed.

  2. d hillary

    Jobcentre Dwp and tribunals all about. trying anything to deny benefit / honest fair appeals. Not much use helping look for work if wont do honest medical. Damian Hinds has a motto. If channel 4/5 had sent Anne
    be to J.C.P maybe latest minister stop the deception & abuses public face instead reciting mantras. If dole so great time pensioners quit commons and retired. PCS – could done better but keep at them.

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