Anyone who still advocates trading on WTO rules should watch this

Boris Johnson has today urged the government to push forward with a no-deal Brexit in his Telegraph column, saying it is “far the best option”.

The foreign secretary joins a number of his Conservative colleagues who believe falling back on WTO rules would be more beneficial to Britain than striking a deal with the European Union.

He said: “Yes it will be tough, and yes, it will mean we will need a very different approach. But it is absolutely essential now that we in the UK recover our courage and self belief.”

So how tough is he actually talking?

Well, Channel 4’s Economics Correspondent Helia Ebrahimi has delivered a damning assessment of life outside the EU on WTO terms in a clip that first aired last year and is now gaining viral traction on social media.

Her frank analysis puts to bed any claims that the country would benefit economically under a no deal scenario.

You can watch it in full below:

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  1. Tim Hardy

    She has completely ignored the fact that Europe needs to trade with us more than we do with them, therefore to impose punitive tarifs on us would be futile!!

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