Andrew Neil has had a mixed week

Steve Taggart 

During Daily Politics this week a rude banner appeared behind presenter Andrew Neil’s head while talking about the juniors doctors’ strike.

He was interviewing an MP and a doctor in front of a photograph of the recent protests against Jeremy Hunt’s recent plans for the health service. Unfortunately for the TV producers the picture featured an image of a woman’s genitals.

The poster, which was carried in London last month during a march was captioned “an anatomy lesson for Jeremy Hunt.”  Watch the clip here.


Andrew Neil has thick skin though, so it is doubtful he will be bothered by this, and he showed his lack of fear, when he addressed the Paris attackers during the TV show This Week.

The presenter – whose creative pieces to camera are a key part of the show – said France was the land of everyone from René Descartes to Daft Punk.

ISIS just could not match up, he said, with their litany of beheadings, slavery and ‘a death cult barbarity that would shame the Middle Ages’. Watch his stirring speech below.

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