America is about to build a wall so Canada opens its doors to Mexicans

Canada is about to scrap its controversial visa requirements for Mexican visitors.

Donald Trump entering the White House is only likely to spell bad news for Mexicans in the US or hoping to re-locate to America.

Trump is still vowing to build a wall (with a bit of fencing in parts) across the entire border and said he will deport as many illegal immigrants as possible, ranging from one to three million. A lot of these people are likely to be Hispanic.

Added to that he said, of Mexicans entering the US, that “they’re bringing those problems to us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

However, to the rescue of Mexicans across the Americas Canada has reached out the hand of friendship. From the 1st of December all a Mexican national is required to have to visit Canada is a passport, a credit card and an email account. The VISA system has been scrapped, and a warmer relationship is hoped to be fostered with America’s souther neighbour.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau said: “This move will make it easier for our Mexican friends to visit Canada while growing our local economies and strengthening our communities.”

Visa restrictions were introduced by the previous Conservative government in 2009 to stop thousands of Mexicans seeking asylum.

It is not only Mexicans who want to go to Canada, Canada’s immigration website crashed after Donald Trump won the presidential elections, with fearful Americans trying to find a way to move to tolerant and friendly nation.

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