Amazon considers Moon mail delivery

Less than a week since SpaceX announced they will be sending two private citizens to the moon, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has told The Washington Post he plans to set up Amazon-style delivery for “future human settlement” of the moon.

Bezos said he wants to encourage NASA towards developing “incentives in the private sector to demonstrate a commercial lunar cargo delivery service” by 2020, essentially lining up an Earth to Moon equivalent of Amazon Prime.

The billionaire boss already owns private space travel company Blue Origin, but says lunar cargo delivery could “only be done in partnership with NASA”.

Speaking in the Washington Post he wrote: “Our liquid hydrogen expertise and experience with precision vertical landing offer the fastest path to a lunar lander mission. I’m excited about this and am ready to invest my own money alongside NASA to make it happen.

“It’s time for America to return to the Moon – this time to stay. A permanently inhabited lunar settlement is a difficult and worthy objective. I sense a lot of people are excited about this.”

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