All change for Change as Ali Sadjady steps down

Ali Sadjady has decided to step down from the list of potential candidates put forward by Change UK following revelations that he made derogatory comments about Romanians.

The Independent’s Europe Correspondent Jon Stone published an article yesterday bringing to light comments by Mr Sadjady in 2017 in which he said: “When I hear that 70% of pick pockets caught on the London Underground are Romanian it kind makes me want Brexit”.

He also posted a tweet in the aftermath of the EU referendum that said: “Brexit is like dumping your girlfriend because she’s expensive and high maintenance and then realizing [sic] she’s pretty hot.”

This morning the party’s official Twitter account responded to the post saying: “Following discussions, Ali Sadjady has reflected on his inappropriate tweet from 2017 and agreed to stand down from the list of potential candidates.”

It comes after the party’s launch as The Independent Group earlier this year was marred when one of its MPs, Angela Smith, caused uproar by describing people from ethnic minorities of as having a “funny tinge” in a discussion about racism and skin colour on live TV.


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