Ad-Blocking Software Company Launches Their Own Ads

Ad-blocking company Adblock Plus is set to launch their own adds in a move that has been described as “cynical”.

The software, which is used on more than 100 million devices, will look to capitalise on a new market they have created by launching an “Acceptable Ads Platform” which will bypass the controls.

Ad-blocking software is said to be putting severe pressure on the digital publishing industry, with new figures showing more than one in five British adults are now using ad-blockers.

The new platform will use a “whitelist” of pre-approved online ad types – such has being not too intrusive and distinguishable – that can be selected by companies through a real-time bidding process.

Guy Phillipson, head of the IAB, said: “Adblock Plus, who spent years as the consumer champion squashing adverts – now sell ads.

“We see the cynical move from Adblock Plus as a new string in their racket. Now they’re saying to publishers ‘we took away some of your customers who didn’t want ads, and now we are selling them back to you on commission’.

“The fact is, in the UK ad blocking has stalled. It’s been stuck at 21 per cent throughout 2016 because the premium publishers who own great content, and provide a good ad experience, hold all the cards.

“More and more of them are offering ad-blocking consumers a clear choice: turn off your ad blocking software or no access to our content. And their strategy is working, with 25 per cent to 40 per cent turning off their blockers.

“So with their original business model running out of steam, Adblock Plus have gone full circle to get into the ad sales business.”

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