A tech-savvy mosque has become the first in the country to accept charitable donations - in BITCOIN

A tech-savvy mosque has become the first in the country to accept charitable donations – in BITCOIN.

The Masjid Ramadan mosque, a registered charity, is the first to accept crypto-currency donations, and will take donations in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Religious leaders, worshippers and community members hope the move will bring in donations to support the work of the mosque – which takes in the homeless and feeds the needy.

Worshippers at the mosque in Dalston, east London are in the midst of Ramadan, which sees Muslims donate a portion of their wealth for good causes.

Mosque chairman Erkin Guney, 52, hopes to attract ‘the wealthier members of the Muslim community’ through the Bitcoin initiative.

Erkin said: “Cryptocurrency is important this year, we are trying to reach a wider audience.

“People talk about whether is Bitcoin ‘haram’ or ‘halal’ – but it is no different to a pound coin.

“We help all people from all backgrounds and the council does not do enough due to funding.

“We always like to do our bit – help with funerals and whatever we can.”

The mosque aims to raise £10,000 for community projects and to repair parts of the Dalston building.

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