73 per cent increase in child homelessness since Conservative government came to power

Shocking data has shown that child homelessness in England is at its highest rate for 12 years.

Over 123,000 children in temporary accommodation in England between April and June. This worrying figure is a 73 per cent rise on 2010. There were 82,310 households in stop-gap homes and B&Bs by June 30th.

When David Cameron took power in 2010, the number of homeless minors was at 71,460. Now, that figure is at 123,630 – an increase of 73%

John Healey MP, Labour’s shadow housing secretary, said: “When this Conservative government ends, the national shame of rising homelessness will be on its political tombstone.

“Homelessness fell at an unprecedented rate under Labour, but under the Tories even more children will be homeless this Christmas, with over 80,000 households and 120,000 children now without a home. 

“This is a direct result of Conservative decisions to slash investment for affordable homes, cut back housing benefit, reduce funding for homelessness services, and deny protection to private renters.”

Minister for Housing & Homelessness Heather Wheeler said: “We are investing £1.2bn to tackle all forms of homelessness, we are putting £9bn into our affordable housing programme and we are also empowering councils to borrow to build more council homes to ensure that more people have a home of their own.”

There are 320,000 homeless people living in Britain

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