George Osborne and David Cameron laugh at Spending Review

6 quotes from Tory MPs putting boot into Osborne yesterday

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

The split between pro and anti-EU Tory MPs widened even further yesterday, after the Treasury claimed that a Brexit would lower GDP by 6.2 per cent by 2030, due to reduced investment from the EU and higher trade barriers.

Here are 6 MPs who didn’t hold back yesterday, it looks like all out civil war in the Conservative ranks. Regardless of the EU referendum decision, can the party recover after they have torn lumps out of each other?

Here are the six quotes that merged after the Chancellor’s statement yesterday.

Boris Johnson MP: “The Treasury has not been totally successful in all its economic forecast, let’s be honest.”

Steve Baker MP: “If that (Osborne’s speech) is the hammer blow to remain in the EU, with all its disadvantages, then he’s got a pathetic case. The spin he’s put in it is outrageous.”

Dominic Raab MP: “The report lacks any credibility. It’s obviously a flawed. Partisan report.”

Michael Gove MP: “The Remain campaign want us to believe that Britain is beaten and broken…It treats people like mere children, capable of being frightened into obedience by conjuring up new bogeymen every night.”

Bernard Jenkin MP: “The report was rubbish. It was designed to mislead people.”

Kwasi Kwarteng MP: “It’s such a childish debate. Anyone who thinks an economic prediction of 14 years’ time will be accurate needs their head examined.”

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