As Theresa May finally outlines Brexit plans 52% of Brits now want to STAY in the EU

A new poll has revealed British people have finally turned their backs on Brexit, with the majority now saying the country should remain in the EU.

Theresa May is today set to give a make-or-break speech on her plans for EU withdrawal, with an offer of £20 billion to be tabled in return for access to the single market and a customs union.

May will head to Florence in the hope of convincing EU leaders of the “importance of negotiations making further progress” with time running out before Britain falls out of the bloc without terms.

But with pressure from her own front bench over the perils of a “soft Brexit” she may have her work cut out.

Which makes today’s polling numbers even more frustrating for the beleaguered PM.

The new poll of more than 1,400 UK adults showed 52 per cent of the public back remaining in the EU, while 48 per cent would support leaving.

The numbers are a mirror image of the June 2016 referendum result and a shift from the same poll conducted two months ago, which showed a clear 50/50 split.

In further embarrassment for Theresa May, reports suggest that no European Commission officials will be turning up to her olive branch speech, in what appears to be a snub to the Prime Minister over the frustrating and mixed messages coming from her team. – Who will be ordered to attend.


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  1. AnnoyedBeyondBelief

    A poll of 1400 people cannot match the accuracy of the votes of around 34 million. I could get a poll to reveal I was a walrus. It wouldn’t make it true!!!

  2. Terry Johnson

    No change there then, that is exactly what the polls said immediately prior to the Referendum. So it seems we would get exactly the same outcome again if we held another referendum.

  3. Joe.

    Yeah I’ll wait until it’s 57% before celebrating brexit’s actual death.

    Hurry up and die brexit, there’s no point in dragging it out.

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