Over 50,000 people demand Richard Branson’s Virgin Care to hand back £328,000 Surrey contract dispute payout

A huge row has broken out in Surrey after Virgin Care was handed a £328,000 payout after taking legal action against six Surrey clinical commissioning groups, Surrey County Council and NHS England, reports the Get Surrey.

Virgin Care lost out on a lucrative contact to provide healthcare in the county and was able to sue over contractual issues, after missing out on the bid.

Local residents have launched a campaign to get Virgin care, owned by Richard Branson, “return the NHS’S money and never sue the NHS again.”

Steve Preddy, who launched the grassroots campaign, said: “”When the NHS is under severe financial pressure, it cannot afford to lose this money.

“Richard Branson, however, with an estimated personal wealth of over £3.5bn, can manage perfectly comfortably without it.

“This petition asks Virgin Care returns the money to the National Health Service, and asks Richard Branson to apologise and make a personal commitment Virgin Care will never again sue the NHS after losing out on a contract.”

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11 Responses

  1. Charles McLaughlin

    Branson never puts his money into any venture. For a 5% holding he will alllow his brand to be splashed across anything as long as the requisite payments are paid to his offshore account less he might pay tax. He is a parasite of the Thatcher age who has been allowed to survive too long

  2. Graham Warwick

    Sueing the NHS is about as low as a man can sink. We don’t want US-style medical ‘care’. We want our NHS as it was before without a whiff of private asset strippers in sight

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